One of the major challenges in adopting a PAAS is that a misconfiguration could leave that resource accessible over the internet. Unfortunately, since the default setting on the majority of the Azure PAAS resources is set to allow public access, leveraging Private Endpoints helped us greatly in mitigating this risk while leveraging the advantages of Azure PAAS.

By definition, private endpoints are network interfaces that connect you privately and securely to private link services or Azure PAAS resources such as Azure SQL, Storage accounts, Data factory, etc. This network interface resides within your Virtual network hence giving you the capability…

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was introduced in 1996 to protect and safeguard health information. This Act did revolutionize how organizations handled health information at different stages of its lifecycle. However, like many other sectors, health care organizations have started to adopt the public cloud to host their applications. While the majority of the cloud providers are HIPAA compliant, that does not mean that the application hosted on their platform is compliant with HIPAA regulations. …

Sai Gunaranjan

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